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Terminos y Condiciones

TZMG Media S.A. de C.V. (Trafico Zmg), con domicilio en Américas #170, Col. Santa Teresita, C.P. 44600, Guadalajara, Jalisco, utilizará sus datos personales recabados para verificar

  1. La identidad de la persona
  2. La existencia de un posible conflicto de interés con la labor de observador electoral ciudadano neutral

TZMG Media S.A. de C.V. (Trafico Zmg) participa y está conforme con el conjunto de las Especificaciones y Políticas del Transparency & Consent Framework del IAB Europe. [Él/Ella] utiliza la Consent Management Platform n° 92.

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For the purposes of this section, “Mexican Data Protection Law” means all applicable Mexican laws relating to data protection and privacy including (without limitation) the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties and its regulations (“FDPL”), as well as any other applicable laws and regulations relating to data protection and privacy as implemented, and all amendments to or replacements of the above legislation.

You agree and acknowledge that you act as the data controller for the Publisher Data and that you will duly comply with the obligations established by the FDPL. Also, you agree that within the framework of the SOW, you shall carry out the necessary procedures to ensure that any data transferred to LiveRamp cannot be associated with the data subject or allow, by its structure, content or degree of disaggregation, the identification of the same. Or, as the case may be, you undertake to implement the required technologies to ensure that LiveRamp only receives dissociated data, which do not constitute personal data in terms of the FDPL.

To the extent that Publisher Data provided by you comprises information that is considered personal data or sensitive personal data as defined by the Mexican Data Protection Law, then in relation to such data, Publisher warrants and agrees:

  1. the Data Ethics Review described in the SOW shall take into account rules set out in the Mexican Data Protection Law and Publisher shall make available to LiveRamp all information necessary to allow such Data Ethics Review and contribute to reasonable further reviews conducted by LiveRamp;
  2. that the provision of the Publisher Data to LiveRamp, and its subsequent use by LiveRamp for the purposes contemplated by the SOW will not violate Mexican Data Protection Law, or any agreements between Publisher and any third parties;
  3. that it will provide a valid notification to the data subjects of the Publisher Data, in accordance with Articles 15 and 16 of the FDPL, which explains (with the necessary level of detail) the sharing of the Publisher Data with LiveRamp, the creation of the envelope, the combination or matching of data, that the envelope is associated with the Publisher’s first party storage, and that the first party storage and envelope is used for the purpose of targeted advertising;
  4. that it will obtain the valid consent of the data subjects of the Publisher Data (in accordance with Article 10 of the FDPL) for the Publisher’s processing activities and purposes specified in the SOW;
  5. that it will keep records that demonstrate that the Publisher has obtained such valid consents, which it shall make available to LiveRamp upon written request; and
    in addition to any Prohibited Data restrictions set forth in the Agreement, it shall not provide to LiveRamp, or permit any third party to provide to LiveRamp on Publisher’s behalf, any special categories of data as defined by the FDPL. If Publisher should transfer Prohibited Data to LiveRamp in violation of this section, Publisher shall immediately notify LiveRamp and inform LiveRamp of the date, time, and other pertinent information related to the transfer so LiveRamp may take the steps necessary to remove the Prohibited Data from its systems.
    You will promptly notify LiveRamp that you have provided personal data to LiveRamp so that LiveRamp may take actions in order to dissociate such data so that it remains dissociated in compliance with Mexican Data Protection Laws.
  6. In accordance with the SOW, upon termination of the SOW LiveRamp shall not be required to destroy or cease use of any licensed Publisher Data but LiveRamp shall use Publisher Data in compliance with statistical and research & development exceptions to the extent it is applicable.
  7. Publisher agrees that it shall be responsible for dealing with and responding to all requests made by data subjects under Mexican Data Protection Law which relate to the processing activities which are the subject of the SOW.

Para mayor información acerca del tratamiento y de los derechos que puede hacer valer, usted puede solicitar el aviso de privacidad integral a través del correo: [email protected].

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